We put the customer at the center of Wooning.

The famous one-liner goes beyond just a catchy phrase; at BI Wooning, it is a philosophy. We understand that customer needs can change during the process. We don’t hold that against them, and we don’t make a big deal out of it. At BI Wooning, we expect customers to change their initial ideas as they learn more about the project.

Often, customers do not know exactly how to approach their data, because data is usually not their core activity. That is why BI Wooning is ready to help customers understand their data better. We translate this into a solution that is both desirable and technically feasible, taking into account the customer’s level of knowledge. Our goal is that the system remains easily adaptable without requiring complex processes. No Rocket Science please.

Therefore, it is important to always put the customer first. Listen to the needs of the customer and make sure the project meets those needs. And communicate regularly with the customer to ensure everyone is aware of the progress of the project. The customer(s) should be clearly identified.

ing. J.L. (Sjaak) Wooning

Senior Microsoft Business Intelligence Consultant

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