Here are some specific services I can offer:

Before we continue, I would like to share some background information with you. As is often the case in practice, there are individuals or companies that perform tasks slightly differently than originally agreed. This can have a variety of causes, and the result is that there are numerous solutions for the customer that are more or less set up according to their own discretion, without extensive communication (let alone documentation) with the customer. The goal is, after all, to meet the customer’s wishes.

In addition, it often happens that a Proof of Concept (POC) is used to test certain solutions, but it is then considered a production environment. The original party leaves the building and suddenly the POC becomes the production environment where various users use it daily.

This development has positive consequences for BI Wooning on the one hand, as it brings more work with it. However, for the customer, this can be annoying, because the customer does not know exactly how everything works, but is still daily dependent on, for example, reports.